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No class availability until mid-January as we transition from our storefront location to mobile classes again! We can now come to your home or office for this fun, creative and hands-on experience!

Thank you so much for loving my classes as much as I do! - Robyn


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7 C's Cheeseboard Method Class

Learn the art of crafting the PERFECT cheeseboard with local food stylist & owner, Robyn Parker as she walks you through her original "7 C’s Cheeseboard Method"

Everything you need is provided to create your board in class:

   - All items needed to craft your board

   - Take-home notes to recreate a board to impress your friends!

   - A char-cutie cup to snack on during class

   - Water provided


$85 Per Attendee

Minimum 8 Attendees for a private class

Class time runs approx. 2 hours

No class availability currently but we will update soon with class locations as we transition away from our storefront location.  If you want us to come to your home or office, we can beginning in mid-January!



Not wanting to build a board but still want to learn the art of crafting the PERFECT cheeseboard?  Join Robyn as she walks you through her 7 C's Method while building a board for your group to enjoy.  Board size determined by number of attendees

$45 Per Attendee

Minimum 10 Attendees 

Demo time approx 45 min - 1 hr.

No class availability currently. (see above)

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